My husband and I went to Chandra to help us with a legal separation.  I had anticipated a long, expensive, arduous process to resolve asset distribution as well as spousal support after a long – 20 year marriage.  Chandra was wonderful.   We both went to the meeting apprehensive and with a certain amount of anger. Chandra explained that emotions and feelings aside, the courts look at financial facts, and this helped us to put aside our feelings and quickly resolve our financial issues.  Getting ugly and going to court wasn’t going to change what was on a DissoMaster, and she presented this in a way that made us realize that we needed to work on this and accept what was in black and white.  She managed the process so that we both felt “heard.” More importantly, she helped us arrive at agreements that were fair for both of us. We revisited our numbers with her a year later, and that went smoothly too. My husband and I are still separated, but have a great relationship with one another.  We don’t have plans to divorce, and we will see what happens down the road.  I don’t think we would would have been able to remain close to one another if it hadn’t been for Chandra. 

Chandra kept the process moving forward without letting me indulge my emotions and cause (too many) delays. Her guidance helped me stay focused! The end result was that I am now able to move forward in the best possible way. Thank you, Chandra, for your efforts throughout the mediation. I appreciate your professionalism and patience. Good luck to you in your practice! 

Chandra helped me through one of the roughest times of my life. She was fair and honest with me at all times. 
I’d recommend her to anyone. 


Chandra helped me during the difficult time of going through a divorce. We had a business which needed to be split and she recommended a firm to value the business which gave us an idea how much it was worth. She handled things in a timely manner and got back to each of us with answers to our questions. Going through mediation saved us all a lot of time and money which was beneficial to both of us. It was great to have her helping us during this time. She is very fair and supportive. 

We had so much at stake, so many assets that we didn’t need to throw away to adverse attorneys during our divorce process.  Chandra’s mediation expertise encouraged us to put our heads together amicably during a very trying time.   She really brought out the best in both of us while we came to an agreement.  We even reached an agreement without quarreling!  More importantly, with her guidance, we were able to craft a plan for child custody, support and visitation that suited us both and was in the best interest of our children.  Her services were well worth every dollar spent.  She probably saved us thousands, and the integrity of our beautiful family remains intact.  
Thank you, Chandra.


My wife and I found it amazingly simple to talk with Chandra to sort out our complex finances.  Trust me, we could not communicate one-on-one during this process.  I did not want a divorce, but my wife wanted to start a new life without me.  I thought I was doomed financially, but discovered California law helps in my situation.  Chandra was so professional and detailed in explaining the community property laws, and we moved through the process quite smoothly.  She was totally fair and unbiased. The mediation experience has got to beat battling in out in court and paying for individual attorneys.  Hope you don’t find yourself in this situation, but if it happens, give the Mediation Offices of Chandra Nelson-Robak a call before you start a war.  She will honestly help you.  We both thank you, Chandra. 


I actually cried all the way to my first mediation appointment scheduled with Chandra.  My beautiful home, my beautiful children, my life as I knew it, all going up in smoke.  What about our bank accounts, our house in Colorado, our businesses we built together?  Chandra somehow made me feel strong and reassured.  Surprisingly, my husband felt comfortable with her, too.  We put everything on the table and after calculating facts and figures, regretting but knowing the inevitable, we were able to come to an agreement for the division of everything we had accumulated together, including future retirement benefits.


We agreed upon a parenting plan and visitation.  State law dictated child support and that was agreed upon.   We also reached an agreement for satisfactory spousal support.  Our divorce was less stressful than I anticipated.  I guess the best part is that I realized there is no need for bitterness.  We were not subjected to a long, drawn out battle in court.  The children are stable and know that this is not the end of their family, just a new start.  


I contacted the Mediation Law Offices of Chandra Nelson-Robak before running to a litigation attorney when I realized my relationship was coming to an end.  I convinced my partner that mediation was the best alternative to a lengthy and costly battle in court.  Thank you, Chandra!  You are a doll and a life saver.  We both loved your humor, professionalism and candor.  You explained the law and our rights.  You also drew up an agreement that we were both able to live with in a relatively short time and saved us lots of money. I would recommend you to anyone!


Divorce mediation doesn’t always end in divorce!  After a couple of mediation sessions with Chandra, we realized that we actually enjoyed most aspects of our marriage as well as the luxurious lifestyle we had built together over thirteen years. Chandra painstakingly guided us through the laws and how best to divide our assets. Seeing our lives being divided on paper opened our eyes to the possibility of a reconciliation. That was three years ago. We are still so grateful that we utilized Chandra’s mediation services instead of battling it out with separate attorneys.